This line of service is driven by a multidisciplinary team who is used to working together and will bring an array of complementary skills to bear to achieve the goals set by their clients.

Our approach


Motivations and Goals

Each transaction pursues a strategic goal which is often infused with emotion. Even more so when the hand-over of the company spells a whole new chapter in the lives of their owners. We strive to accommodate both aspects from our first contacts with clients, to better grasp the goals to be achieved.

Company Review

A comprehensive approach by experts

In this initial stage, we conduct a thorough analysis of the company to understand it both in its finer details and overall, from the point of view of governance, human resources, law, finances, IT, and brand equity.

Opportunities and Risks

An overview to decide

Building on earlier stages, we produce a summary of possible scenarios and a map of opportunities and risks. The purpose of this key step is to steer subsequent efforts in full alignment with our clients’ objectives.

Evaluation and due diligence

A rational and efficient basis for negotiation

During this stage, we apply established methods to produce a quantified analysis. The themes we identify as crucial undergo a deeper analysis. Preliminary results and acquired documentation are then assembled into a comprehensive dossier that enables us to prepare for the negotiation of the transaction and its pricing.



Building further on acquired knowledge, we assist you in negotiating the price and the particulars of the transaction with the target. Leveraging our network of lawyers, we tie up the necessary contracts and accompany you until the transaction is signed (closing).

Post-transaction follow-up

Trust established

Following the transaction, we assist the acquirer in defining their strategic communication or provide support for financial management. When necessary and feasible, we can serve as independent administrators in the long run.