We founded Peak Advisory to help you formulate, implement and monitor pragmatic and innovative solutions to facilitate your decision-making, secure your operations, support and develop your visibility, and bring transparency to your organization.


This department is managed by Alexandre Thévoz, a certified public accountant. Having acquired a broad experience of more than 15 years as an auditor and financial manager in various sectors of activity, he also brings his experience of the field obtained through mandates as independent directors.

He understands the challenges of your organization and proposes solutions that clarify the roles and responsibilities of each person, thus facilitating strategic decision-making. He also intervenes in the transfer phase in order to lay the foundations for the company’s sustainability and to facilitate the communication of relevant financial information.


  • Definition or optimization of your legal and organizational structure
  • Definition of your organization chart and delegation of competences
  • Management of conflicts of interest
  • Organization of your Board of Directors and its committees
  • Design, implementation and monitoring of your internal control system (ICS)


  • Establishment of your organizational regulations in accordance with the provisions of the Swiss Code of Obligations
  • Assistance in the definition of your remuneration policy and establishment of the related regulations


  • Elaboration of management charts, choice of relevant performance indicators in line with your strategy,
  • Financial planning and budgets, business plans
  • Implementation of IT tools (BI)
  • Temporary takeover of management and financial management


  • Preparation of formal documentation in compliance with company law (Board of Directors; AGM; EGM)
  • Mandate as independent director. If the conditions allow it, Peak Advisory’s collaborators can act as independent directors for a proactive follow-up of your activities.


Directly linked to corporate governance, the risk management department is supervised by Alexandre Thévoz, a certified public accountant. With a wealth of experience in risk analysis and the implementation of internal control systems acquired in various sectors of activity, he proposes solutions aimed at securing your operations, increasing the confidence of your partners and collaborators and opening up new opportunities.


  • Assistance in identifying strategic, operational, financial and IT risks


  • Evaluation of identified risks


  • Definition of measures to mitigate identified risks
  • Mapping of risks and actions to be implemented


  • Design, implementation and monitoring of your internal control system (ICS)
  • Review of the IT environment
  • ISAE 3402 certification


This department of Peak Advisory is managed by Nicolas Bohnet and Florian Dumont, specialists in communication, marketing and management. Recognized for their complementary skills and experience in operational (management) and strategic (board of directors) functions, they are able to understand and apprehend your challenges in a transversal manner.

35 years of cumulative experience in various industrial sectors (luxury, watchmaking, F&B and startups), or within non-profit organizations (philanthropy, arts & culture), allow them to respond to your expectations quickly, accurately and efficiently, by formulating solutions that are both concrete and immediately applicable.


Analysis of the processes and performance of your marketing-communication functions

  • Objectives, targets, messages, channels, means implemented and KPI
  • Adaptation to the business development plan
  • Organization and internal functioning
  • Results vs. Objectives analysis


Marketing & communication consulting

  • Brand strategy formulation
  • Positioning and key messages
  • Customer/audience segmentation
  • Communication strategies and tactics
  • Communication plan
  • Storytelling and content marketing
  • Corporate communication consulting
  • Internal communication
  • Communication during change management


Consulting and complete development of digital solution

  • Digital strategy
  • Web design and development
  • Social media strategy and content management


If needed, we can act as interim managers, within the framework of mandates carried out within your organization, in order to fill a temporary vacancy or as reinforcement for projects of limited duration (e.g. transition phases).

Audit &

This department is managed by Sébastien Gianelli, certified public accountant. After several years spent in an international firm, he is recognized for his expertise in the auditing business. Having evolved in a wide range of environments and sectors, he listens to his clients and is able to quickly understand your risks and propose an audit approach that is targeted and proportionate to your needs. He also has expertise in RJC certifications, focused on the social responsibility of luxury industry players, as well as in the fight against money laundering.

Audit of accounts and special audits

As an auditing company, approved by the ASR (Audit Supervision Authority), Peak Advisory carries out all types of financial auditing assignments.

  • Audit mandates in the sense of articles 727ss of the Swiss Code of Obligations (ordinary and restricted audits)
  • Specific audit mandates (e.g. project audit, agreed audit procedures)
  • Audit of the accounts of foundations and associations
  • Company foundations
  • Increase, reduction of capital
  • Consolidation, demerger and transformation of companies in the sense of the LFus MLA audit
  • Prudential audit of companies subject to the MLA, the LSFin/LEFin

MLA audit

  • Prudential audit of companies subject to the MLA, the LSFin/LEFin


Thanks to the experience acquired by its partners, Peak Advisory is a flexible alternative to the audit function.

  • Support in the development of your internal audit plan
  • Carrying out internal audit missions
  • Evaluation of the effectiveness of your internal control system
  • Research and analysis of fraud
  • Data analysis (data analytics)
  • Evaluation of the conformity of information communicated to stakeholders